Woodstock Chimes Servicing and Repair

Unfortunately we are no longer able to refurbish Woodstock Chimes products that are in need of repair. We offer several alternatives that we hope will suit your needs. Chime repair kits and replacement parts are available for purchase. Woodstock Chimes have a one year warranty. For older chimes, we offer a one-time discount on a replacement for a broken Woodstock product. Details for these options are below.

Chime Repair Kits

Repair kits are available for our traditional Woodstock Chimes. If you are handy you should consider doing minor repairs to your chimes.

Replacement Parts

We offer parts for Woodstock Chimes. We also have parts for many of our bells, gongs and fountains. If you need a new mallet, chime top, string, etc.

Replacement Chimes

 If your chime is irreparably damaged or you don't feel up to the repair task, we offer a one-time discount for a new Woodstock Chimes product.

Warranty Service

If you have an issue with your product and it's been less than a year since you purchased it, contact us and we'll come up with a solution for you.