When listening to a Woodstock Chime you're hearing a perfectly tuned musical instrument played by the wind. Let us help you in finding the perfect chime.

Amazing Grace Chimes

Location & Design of the Chime

Location is everything. Will it be placed outdoors or used inside the home? Common places to hang a chime are porches, trees, fences, yard hooks, in front of a window, or near a door. Chimes can also be used as tools to complement yoga, meditation, or placed strategically to optimize the home's Feng Shui.

What material is the chime? Most aluminum and bamboo chimes are placed outdoors, but our Capiz chimes and other more delicate designer chimes are often hung indoors.

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Sound of the Chime

Is the chime for you, or is it a gift? Listen to our chimes and choose a melody that resonates with your taste. If you are shopping for a gift, you won't go wrong with one of our bestselling chimes, for example, our Amazing Grace chimes.

Is your goal to create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance? Choose a more delicate or softer chime. A more robust or deeper-toned chime can be placed further away from the house for a softer effect.

Size of the Chime

Choose a chime based on the location it will be placed. A wide open space deserves an oversized chime, whereas a small, more enclosed location would be ideal for smaller chimes.

Check the weight to see what is appropriate for the user who will be hanging the chime, and the sturdiness of the location of where it will be hung.

Color of the Chime

Consider your landscape or interior decor when choosing a chime. Will it complement the space? Do you prefer modern, traditional, nature-inspired or coastal decor? If you're like most of our customers, you will want to create a Sound Garden and coordinate colors, or maybe make a bold, colorful statement! We are excited to offer a wider selection of tube colors, including bronze and verdigris.

Still not sure?

Ask one of our customer care members at 800-950-2754 or complete this form. They would be happy to help you choose your perfect chime!

Chime Terminology

Feng Shui - Pronounced “fung-shway.” Ancient Chinese art prescribed a set of aesthetic principles for living in harmony with the environment, to enhance health, wealth, and happiness.

Anodized Aluminum - Aluminum has a protective, often colored, oxide film bonded to it by the introduction of an electric current.

Bamboo - A very strong “wood”, bamboo is a grass that matures in 4-5 years. This sustainable resource grows readily without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

Carbonized Bamboo - Carbonized bamboo has been treated during manufacture to darken the wood. It is accomplished by steaming the bamboo. The heat turns the sugar in the bamboo brown, thus giving it its darker color.

Capiz Shell - Capiz shells come from pearl oysters, commonly known as kapis. A sustainable resource, these mollusks are farmed in Indonesia and their shells are used in many household décor objects.

Amazing Grace ChimesThese chimes are tuned to the inspiring tones heard in the opening measures of Amazing Grace, one of America's best loved and most widely known hymns. 

Tone - The quality of the musical pitch. Also often used interchangeably with “note.”

Pitch - Term referring to the high-low quality of sound.

Sound Garden - A combination of Woodstock Chimes that complement and enhance each other's tones.

Verdigris - Verdigris is the common name for blue-green, copper-based pigments that form a patina on copper, bronze, and brass. 

Patina - A greenish deposit on weathered bronze or copper. Formed by oxidation, a patina will naturally develop on bronze and copper items.