Sound Garden: a combination of Woodstock Chimes that complement and enhance each other's tones.

Elevate your outdoor experience by cultivating a collection of complementary Woodstock Chimes. Enhance the beautiful tones of your favorite wind chime with another corresponding tune that will add a perfect layer of harmony.

We use sophisticated digital analysis at Woodstock Chimes to tune our chimes musically. This equipment is part of a climate-controlled tuning environment, which ensures very high-quality products and allows us to offer a lifetime tuning guarantee.

This specialized tuning process ensures that our chimes sound great alone but are also enhanced when combined with another chime or two to create an entire "garden of sound." Founder Garry Kvistad shared what he referred to as his favorite "sonic mixes" below, allowing you to cultivate your personalized sound garden with a combination of chimes with significant musical, cultural, or historical connections.