Acoustic Effects

Chimes With Octave Doubling

These chimes have an extra rich sound!
This feature gives you two chimes in one. Chimes that feature Octave Doubling have each note (tube) repeated one octave higher. Notes separated by an octave are considered harmonically equivalent and "ring" together in a way that adds a pleasing sound to the music. Never before used in windchimes, this special tuning heightens the harmonics, creating a song that must be heard to be believed.

Watch the video at right with Garry Kvistad (founder of Woodstock Chimes and a professional musician) as he describes the special tuning known as octave doubling.

Heroic Windbells

Sounds like distant harbor bells! These handcrafted, wind-activated bells are toned to unite two important ways the instrument vibrates. One is the sound of the bell itself, the other is the hollow chamber inside the bell that acts like an organ pipe. The slots on the sides of the bell are the secret to this unique coupling and the result is a rich sound with much depth and beauty.

Healing Chimes

Sounds like there are more tones than tubes!Listen to the soothing sound of this chime as the precisely tuned tubes work together to create rich harmony and wonderful magic. This sound illusion seems to create more tones than the number of its tubes (such as low bass notes created in your ear)! This chime is tuned to a beautiful ancient tuning not heard on any modern instrument and the result is as amazing as it is unique.