Why Chimes are Calming

Founder of Woodstock Chimes, Garry Kvistad, shares why our musically tuned wind chimes are so calming, the history behind it and the benefits of sound healing.

“I’m Garry Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes, and I’m here to talk about healing and Woodstock Chimes. 

Back in the 70's I started researching music of the ancient civilizations, and I began to realize that the way that they tuned their instruments had an enormous effect on the sound and the health of the listener. I used that ancient tuning to create a whole series of wind chimes that were very soothing.

This ancient method is interesting. We’ve learned from Pythagoras and the ancient Chinese, and a lot of North African research was done too. I think there is a lot of research that still can be done to learn more about it, but I believe we all know how important it is to have music in our lives - and wind chimes can create music if they are tuned correctly and well. So that is why I put a big emphasis on the wind chime tuning system, and the accuracy of how the notes are tuned.

Wind chimes are used in Feng Shui to create a soundscape inside and out.  Windchimes are
really unique because they are played by the wind, which is created by the sun. So they are basically solar powered - you do not need any batteries or anything. You can create your own sound bath, which is often done with gongs but can be done with wind chimes as well.

Wind chimes definitely reduce stress. Music lowers your blood pressure and it relaxes your muscles - just sit and do your own experiment and listen to the chimes. You’ll feel the difference in your mind and body.”