Learn more about our chime components and terminology. If you should ever need assistance, you can refer to this Anatomy of a Woodstock Chime image below when speaking to a customer care member.

Center String - Support string that runs from the top wood part on the chime through the clapper and down to the feather. Most center units are strung with extremely durable Spectra line.

Center Unit - Consists of the feather, clapper and string.

Clapper - The center piece of wood or other material that actually strikes the tubes to create sound from the chime.

Top Piece - The large disk, usually wooden, at the top of the chime that acts as the support piece for chime tubes and o-ring line.

Tubes - The “chime” of the windchime, these are the parts of the windchime that are struck by the clapper to make sound. These are called “tubes” when they are hollow and “rods” when they are solid.

Tube String - The “string” used to hold the parts of the chime. All Woodstock Chimes are strung with braided nylon.

Windcatcher - Also called the feather, the part of the chime that is activated by the wind and sets the chime playing.

Anatomy of a Woodstock Chime