Repairing Your Woodstock Chimes

Does your Woodstock Chime need a little TLC?
We offer repair kits for you DIY types who would like to "freshen up" your chime.

The repair kit you need depends on what chime you have. Here are some quick steps to make it easy to select the correct repair kit for your Woodstock Chime.

What Woodstock Chime do you have?

We sell repair kits for our Encore Chimes and for our classic Signature Chimes.

The best way to figure out if your chime is a Signature or Encore series is by looking at the windcatcher hanging at the bottom of the chime. Encore Chimes have a diamond-shaped windcatcher. Signature Chimes have our classic "paddle" windcatcher shape.

If your chime has something other than those two shapes, it is a Signature Chime, but we do not have a repair kit for that chime. Feel free to email us at to explore what your option are.

Which chime repair kit do you need?

In order to find the right repair kit, you will need to measure the diameter of your chime top (the piece from which all the tubes hang. This measurement should be either 3.5", 5.25", 7" or 8.25".

Once you have your measurement, you can shop for the repair kit that matches your chime.

Here's the sizes for some of our best-selling chimes:


Amazing Grace Chime – Small


Amazing Grace Chime - Medium

Pachelbel Canon Chime

Encore Cimes of Pluto

Encore Chimes of Venus


Amazing Grace Chime - Large

Encore Chimes of Earth


Amazing Grace Chime - Heavenly

Encore Chimes of Neptune

Restringing your Woodstock Chime

If you're handy, it's not hard to restring a Woodstock Chime. We have written instructions as well as a video that shows you how to do it. If you would like to try and restring your Woodstock Chime yourself...

Here are written instructions on how to restring your Woodstock Chimes.
Watch a video on how to restring your Woodstock Chimes.

When restringing your chimes, you'll need to use one of our chime top templates. You can find them here:

Template for a 3.75-inch chime top

Template for a 5.25-inch chime top

Template for a 7-inch chime top

Template for an 8.25-inch chime top

If you have a Windsinger Chime, there's a technique to repairing the center string. Download instructions here.