Repair Kit for Signature Chimes that have a 5.25-inch top


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Has your chime temporarily lost its music? You may need to replace the Center Unit. This is a replacement Woodstock classic design ash wood clapper, windcatcher and 80lb gauge tan string (enough for the entire chime). This kit works for chimes with a top wood piece measuring 5.25 inches in diameter. Intended for our Signature Collection chimes.

This repair kit DOES NOT include the wood chime top. If you also need a chime top replacement, please order the 5.25-inch Wood Chime Top for Signature Chimes.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's where you can find chime stringing instructions, along with a how-to video.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair.


Customer Reviews

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M. Kathleen Ewing

Everything was as expected. Unfortunately the chimes are pricey to repair. It’s almost the cost of a new set of chimes. I hate to throw away something if it can be fixed so I bit the bullet and got the repair kit. This is the third time over the course of about 35 years that I’ve replaced everything. It went together with no issues. Hopefully this set will give me 7 to 10 years before I have to replace everything again. Texas weather is very unforgiving on wood. It now looks and sounds like it’s brand new. For the few items I got shipping costs were high.

Cameron L
Good product

Parts worked perfectly, I was able to restore an old set of chimes and they look great. Only problem was I had paid for express shipping and did not get notified that the product had shipped, and got my order a couple days later than expected.

Diana Robinson
5.25" repair parts

Haven't re-strung my chimes yet, but am already disappointed by the 5.25" top. The holes are not drilled correctly (6 holes instead of 10 holes for the 5 tubes of my Parch) so I'll have to re-drill, leaving lots of empty holes. Photo shows 6 holes, but I did not notice. (Larger sizes are the same.) Wood is said to be ash, but I doubt it will weather 25 years like the original.

Christy Pyles
Love the chimes, unimpressed with repair kit

1) If the center clapper needs repairing, it likely means there is a hole where the eye hook should go. So sending eye hook was a waste. 2) The “finishing” nail in the kit was Not a finishing nail, and was longer than the top was thick, thus also useless. I honestly feel ripped off.

Erminda Ayers

Does not have good sheet to see how ro replaced the repair kit