Heroic Windbell - Large Center Assembly, Antique Copper


Has your Heroic Windbell lost its music? It may be that it needs a new Center Assembly. This is the part of the bell that hangs down - it includes the string, the clapper (that's the part that hits the bell to make it ring) and windcatcher. Our replacement Center Assemblies come fully assembled, so you don't have the measure anything, just hook it on and go!

It's easy to install. Simply cut out what's left of your windcbell's existing center assembly As you reach up in the bell you'll feel a flat metal tab hanging down. There's a hole in the center of this tab. Simply hook the new Center Assembly through this hole and your Heroic Windbell is ready to ring again!


Customer Reviews

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Irving Curless
Easy to Attached

I was uncertain of the proper size. After emailing I received a rapid response with photos to help me order the proper center assembly size. Upon receiving the assembly, it took only a few minutes to remove the old and installed the new.

Don Giroux
Outstanding Support

My Heroic Chime was not operating as expected. Upon calling the company, I was immediately engaged with customer service who made no hesitation to arrange for a replacement part which solved the issue. Customer Service did not hesitate to go over the top to assure that I was happy and the product was performing satisfactorily. I’m truly impressed!!

Perfect Fit Replacement

Needed a replacement center assembly due to wear over the years. Fits perfect and the addition of the hook to facilitate hanging works like a charm during installation.

Joan Kollars
Cord used for the center assembly should be more durable

We love our Heroic Windbell but unfortunately the center assembly cord doesn’t last. It broke for us within the first year. At that time this assembly wasn’t available so my husband attempted to repair it. We ordered this now to replace the original when it fails again but are disappointed to see how flimsy the cord is. My husband also thinks there should be a swivel between the ball and the blade. Please improve this!

Joe Demeo
Heroic Windbell - Large Center Assembly

I received the replacement parts but the chime still does not produce any noise even with moderate wind. I love the sound of this windchime but I am afraid the engineering is lacking. I cannot recommend this product to others.