Wood Chime Top for Signature Chimes - 8.25-inch


Is your chime weathered and looking a bit sad? Refurbish it yourself with this 8.25 inch chime top to repair your Signature Collection style wind chime. Ash wood with cherry finish for a classic Woodstock Chime look. 

Need the string, clapper and windcatcher as well? Order the Repair Kit for Signature Chimes with 8.25-inch top.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's where you can find chime stringing instructions, along with a how-to video.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair.


Customer Reviews

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Shana Rasmus
I had to drill the holes myself.

ONCE Woodstock Wind Chimes actually fixed &/or replaced weather damaged wooden parts.
I couldn't even get a REPAIR KIT to do it myself.
I had to buy the 8" round top and the clapper. There was no string even available nor the center metal edged bonger thingy.
I had to drill holes to string the tubes onto it. I had to find string that I HOPE will be weather worthy and strong enough.
The whole thing was extremely difficult to maneuver and to keep balanced and even (which I couldn't accomplish on my own). Now my beautiful, giant sized Westminster Chimes, which I've had for 40 years, looks like crap, it's uneven and lopsided.
You could AT LEAST sell the entire replacement kit for the wooden parts and string.
The TUBES are fine & still sound beautiful. But since I have NO CLUE how to measure the string nor attach it all correctly AND had to drill the holes trying to match the ones on the old rotten top piece, the clapper doesn't hit the tubes & the flat piece doesn't catch the wind.
I am more than heartbroken over this. I am saddened by the fact that your company and chimes have joined the realms of our disposable/throw it away culture that we have devolved into.

LINDA Wagner
I’ve owned my chimes for over 50 years. This will be the 4 major restringing but the first time ...

I wish the restringing instructions came with the kit.