Zenergy® Chime - Meditation


Two rods tuned to similar pitches produce a pulsing tone called "beating."

Tibetan monks use small cymbals called tingsha, which are sounded to mark the beginning and end of a period of meditation. You can use your Zenergy Meditation Chime in much the same way. The two rods are purposely tuned to nearly but not quite the same pitch. When both are struck at the same time, an acoustical phenomenon known as "beating" is produced. The rods will seem to ring with the same pitch, but you will notice a distinct pulsation or rhythm in this case, approximately 12 beats per second.

Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing, because they help us to focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within. The resonating sound not only calms and refocuses the individual, but can also focus a group. As such, it's an effective way to start a class, meeting, yoga practice or call guests to dinner.

For best results, play the Zenergy Meditation Chime quietly, being careful not to dampen the sound by letting the mallet rest on the rod after striking it. Then take a deep breath and listen. Relax, refocus, and reenergize with these good vibrations.

Comes with a mallet and listening exercises.

This Zenergy Chime includes a keyhole slot on the back so it can be installed upright on a door or wall. The mallet handle slips in between the chime and the wood for safekeeping, and voila! your Zenergy Chime is always ready to go, right at your fingertips!

Download Zenergy Chime instructions.

Product Properties
  • Cherry finish ash wood
  • Two silver polished aluminum solid rods
  • Mallet
  • Height: 1.5 inches - Width: 7.5 inches - Depth: 2.5 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 0.8 lb.
  • Made in China
  • Product Highlights:

    High Quality Beautiful Sound - Each Zenergy Chime note is tuned to clear tones and lovely harmonies. A gentle tap of the included mallet emits powerful tones of singular beauty that last and last - a great meditation chime, a great classroom chime!

    Great for Classrooms, Meditation and Healing - Sounds omitted by the Zenergy Chime - Meditation are often used in meditation and healing, because they help us to focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within

    Made With Long-Lasting Materials - This handcrafted chime is bold in design. Made of cherry finish ash wood, 2 silver polished aluminum solid rods, mallet mountable keyhole slots to mount on a door or wall


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Zenergy Chime

    This is a nice product and it works well and sounds good. I'm simply very used to actual singing bowls for doing my meditative work. I mostly use this product at my office for doing therapeutic work with children.

    Dr. William Allan Kritsonis "Loves" Zenergy Chime

    As a Certified Yoga Teacher, I use the Zenergy Chime - Meditation chimes at the start and ending of my classes. The pleasant sound of the chimes is a perfect way to begin and end the day. I highly recommend them.
    William Allan Kritsonis, PhD

    Karen S.
    Love the lingering tone

    I absolutely love the sound of this instrument. It’s calming, magical and comforting. I find myself using it constantly.