Windsinger Chimes of Orpheus - Silver


This chime features thick-walled tubes are dramatic to look at and offer resonance that lasts.

The Chimes of Orpheus pay tribute to the son of the muse Calliope. In Greek mythology, Orpheus was known as a gifted poet and singer who had the ability to charm all living creatures with his song.

This chime is tuned to an ancient Chinese pentatonic scale. Hang the Chimes of Orpheus in your garden and let it charm all who visit your home.

Product Properties
  • Silver aluminum ring and windcatcher
  • Six silver brushed aluminum tubes
  • styrene clapper
  • Overall Length: 54 inches - Diameter: 9 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 6.9 lb.
  • Made in China

    Customer Reviews

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    Timothy Bensch
    Beautiful Design, Beautiful Sound

    I purchased two of these, one for each of my adult children as a memorial to my wife / their mother. They are thrilled with the beauty of the design and the rich, warm sound.