Shimmers - Heart


What a great way to say I love you! This filagree heart and heart-shaped "rings" twirl sweetly with even the slightest movement of air.

The heart represents not only love, but also the center of emotion. Our filagree heart is surrounded by heart-shaped rings that reflect and sparkle; it's the center of a breathtaking display of shimmering light.

Luminous reflections of nature's prettiest gifts, this ornamental suncatcher comes with approximately 20 inches of line and an alligator clip, which makes hanging this pretty suncatcher a breeze.

How to fan out a shimmer.

Product Properties
  • Polished stainless steel
  • hanging line, alligator clip
  • Overall Length: 5 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 0.1 lb.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Lynda Spurgeon
    Great Quality

    This was a gift for my daughter. She loved it. It is so well made, and what a beautiful sound. It should bring her happiness for years to come.

    Donna F.
    An Amazing Piece!

    I think I already wrote a previous review, but now that I've had this beautiful sun catcher for several months, I must add some comments. I adore this little gem; it is beautiful and has found a special place at my schnauzer's grave site. I wanted something to shine, some light to always be there, but with so many trees, I knew a solar item would not work. I only get dappled light in this area, but this piece is reflecting all day, and doesn't need direct light to glitter. But that's not all! I was just recently amazed when it was nearly dark, and I was still seeing sparkles from it. It didn't make sense, but after several "tests," I realized that the sun catcher, at about 40 feet outside, and in view of a small table lamp sitting at the window, was picking up the light and glistening even though it was dark outside!
    I couldn't have decided on a better token to remember my sweet friend! No one could be disappointed in this sweet item. Thanks for such an amazing treasure, that is much more than I had expected!