Encore® Chimes of Pluto - Bronze


The Chimes of Pluto is named for the outermost planet in our solar system. Discovered in 1930, and reclassified as a "dwarf planet" in 2006, Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice.

See Koko the cat play with his Chimes of Pluto
See Koko the cat play some more with his Chimes of Pluto

Product Properties
  • Bubinga finish wood
  • Six bronze aluminum tubes
  • Removable windcatcher for easy customization
  • Overall Length: 27 inches - Diameter: 6 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 1.7 lb.
  • Made in China
  • SKU: DCB27

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Encore Pluto

    Just hung up my Pluto chimes. Such beautiful tones. I have some very old chimes from the Sawdust Art Fair in the 80's outside my front door. So I put the Pluto in the back patio hoping they will tell me when the wind is blowing from another direction. I like that the wind catcher is removable if I want something different.

    Carlene Scott
    Gentle tone

    The tone is very soft and gentle. It doesn't intrude in the area it's hung.

    Diana N.
    Beautiful music

    These chimes are the best! The sounds have such depth, not little thinks like most windchimes.

    Beautiful tone

    Well-made, quality chimes, beautiful tone and reasonably priced even without Holiday sales/discounts. Will enjoy for years!

    The chimes are a gift

    The chimes are a gift and very well liked by my sister. Plus your location in woodstock is not far from where my family grew up in the catskills.