Chimes of Olympos®


The original Woodstock Chime!

This mysterious and soothing chime is tuned to the ancient Greek pentatonic scale devised by Olympos, Phrygian flutist and lyre player of the seventh century B.C. Olympos is given credit for the introduction of the flute into Greece from Phrygia, thus adding a new instrumental sound to that country. It is said that Olympos was also very inventive with rhythm, which just may qualify him as the original King of Rhythm and Blues. Because of these contributions, Plutarch, the Greek historian and biographer, named Olympos the father of Greek music. Nearly three thousand years later, the bluesy scale of Olympos, tuned in the pure system of "just intonation," is still heard today in the Japanese koto and in this Woodstock Chime.

Product Properties
  • Cherry finish ash wood
  • Six silver aluminum tubes
  • Removable windcatcher for easy customization
  • Overall Length: 36 inches - Diameter: 7 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 3.1 lb.
  • Made in China
  • SKU: OWS

    Customer Reviews

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    Gloria Bragg

    In Maine on a vacation, many many years ago, we were walking up a hill to the Bed and Breakfast we were staying in when I heard music playing. At first, I thought it was an instrument of some type but as we got closer, we discovered it was these absolutely beautiful set of Chimes. Up to this time, I was not very fond of chimes as they usually sounded unpleasant and just not what I wanted to hear. But these were so delightful and a pleasure to hear. Soon after we purchased a set of the Woodstock Chimes of Olympus (which was what we were actually hearing) and a set of the Chimes of Parch and Chimes of Lun. I love to listen to them as a phenomenal uplifting experience during the day or when I awake at night with a little breeze blowing.

    nothing else like it

    So i got this on woodstock's amazon storefront, but it was so good it was worth writing two reviews. I fell in love with the Olympos one because i was looking for a sound that matches my personality. which is really hard to find. i hated bubbly happy giddy, annoying chimes, and that's all everyone else seems to sell. i wanted something relaxing, but also slightly mysterious. it's quite peaceful, and it actually plays a wide variety of songs that sound nothing like one another, depending on which way the wind is blowing. it's also amazing quality; couldn't have found a better built one! it was also neat to learn that this one was the first 'design' ever created so it makes it kinda special. i change up this one and my large agate (celtic scaled) depending on what i feel like listening to that day. they are a nice thing to come home to after a long and annoying day.

    David I.
    Chimes of Olympos

    This was the first, and not the only chimes I have bought from Wood stock I love the great tones and harmony they produce, my cats like them also they all six of em will sit and watch and listen for hours I only have one draw back, and that would be (The wind doesn't blow enough). Ha Ha