Woodstock Meditation Chime

About Music For Meditation

Music for Meditation is original music composed especially to accompany the Woodstock Meditation Chime.

Designed to accompany your meditation session, this music encourages deep breathing, a calm body and a present state of mind. The chime is tuned to a beautiful East Indian Raga scale and serves as the soloist while the accompanying music has been composed using the same Raga tuning. The chime and music played together create a unique orchestra of sound to enhance the ambient environment in the home or meditation studio. The chime can be placed in an open window or near an indoor source of moving air such as a fan or duct. Of course, the Meditation Chime works great outside as well.

With this music as a background to your meditation practice – and all your activities – the soothing and refreshing combination of world music and windchimes can be felt and appreciated throughout the day. These sounds have been crafted with a finely tuned sensitivity for the feel and flow of meditation practice – to inspire, relax, enliven, balance and heal.

 Composed to accompany meditation sessions up to 70 minutes long, Music for Meditation is full of sacred instrumental music that encourages deep breathing, a calm body and a present state of mind. In the ancient traditions of healing with sound, music of this nature is used to center the mind, clear away distractions and open the senses to new possibilities through awareness.

 The crystal clear, deeply penetrating tones of the Woodstock Meditation Chime have been layered with the gracefully supple sounds of Bansuri flute and Tanpura drone. The improvised flute melodies and expansive drone instruments are interwoven with the pure tones of the Woodstock Meditation Chime playing in the background. The result is an artfully shaped acoustic environment in which serene, flowing music bathes us with calming, peaceful sensations and brings the listeners closer to being present with their heart and spirit. This music is an invitation to experience stillness and to be present in the moment.

Track Listing

1. Engaging Infinity

2. Suspended In Silence

3. The Cosmos Within

4. Stillness In The Now

5. Topography Of The Soul

6. Deepening Of The Inquiry

7. The Bliss Of Detachment

8. Eternity And Beyond

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This Music Was Composed By Artful Touch Music®

The restorative power of Artful Touch Music can be heard throughout the country – as well as in homes and workplaces where the value of a tranquil, harmonious and productive atmosphere is understood and appreciated. Artful Touch Music is intended to soothe and refresh the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, while making a lasting emotional impression on the listener’s heart.

 Musician, massage therapist, and meditation practitioner Art Lindemanis has devoted himself to synthesizing his lifelong passions for healing music and the healing arts. His songs are made with tempos that are in time with a resting heartbeat and the natural ebb and flow of deep breathing.

Download all tracks from Music for Meditation.