Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Woodstock Chimes? and/or Woodstock Music Collection products?

Woodstock Chimes and Woodstock Music Collection products are available for purchase from our network of authorized dealers or directly from this web site.

While you can hear all our chimes on our website, there's nothing like seeing a Woodstock Chime in person. To find stores in your area that sell our products, click here to reach our Retailer Locator. Enter your zip code and the number of miles you’re willing to travel, and we’ll provide you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of various stores in your area.

Please note, due to the large selection of products, not all retailers stock all products. It's a good idea to call the retailer to determine if the product you are interested in is in stock.

I am looking for a particular Woodstoch Chimes product. Can you help?

If you haven’t already used our Retailer Locator,click hereto find the names, addresses and phone numbers of stores in your area. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to see if the retailer carries the product you are looking for. If they don’t carry the product, they may be willing to place a special order for you. They want to know what customers are looking for so they’ll appreciate hearing from you.

I received a Woodstock Chimes product as a gift, but wish to exchange it. Can you help me?

Please contact the place of purchase regarding their exchange policy. If the purchase was made on this site ( pleaseclick herefor our return policy.

I'm an international customer.

Woodstock Chimes only ships within the United States.

While you can hear all our chimes in our Sound Room, there's nothing like hearing a Woodstock Chime in person. Plus it's always nice to support your local retailer. There are Woodstock Chimes retailers around the globe. Please check to see if there isn't one near you.

If there are no local options, you might try an online retailer in your region. In a pinch, Shelburne Country Store (located in Vermont, U.S.) can accommodate international orders.