Memorial Chime, Large

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This unique chime has a waterproof compartment for preserving a keepsake.

Our Woodstock Memorial Chimes are specifically designed for those who want to remember the dearly departed, inspire others or themselves with a time capsule memento, or spend time in meditation or quiet contemplation.

Every time your wind chime rings, you'll have a wonderful remembrance.

A touching tribute for a beloved family member, friend or pet, the underside of the wooden chime top houses a cast metal urn for ashes, a lock of hair, a poem or other sentimental keepsake, placed safely out of sight. The chime's enchanting, peaceful tone is a wonderful way to celebrate relationships - every time the wind blows the chime rings in fond remembrance.

Place a small memento in the compartment located under the wooden chime top. Commemorate your love, preserve a memento or keep a loved one close. It could be ashes, a lock of hair or tuft of fur, a copy of a poem or sand from a favorite beach. It could be a token or charm that represents a favorite hobby, sports team or career choice. The "time capsule" has a weatherproof seal, keeping your treasure safe and secure.

The rectangular wooden windcatcher hanging at the bottom of the windchime is large enough for you to add an engraved plate with a personal message.

Download memorial chime instructions.

Product Properties
  • Teak finish ash wood
  • Five bronze aluminum tubes
  • Brass-plated urn
  • Removable windcatcher for easy customization
  • Overall Length: 36 inches - Diameter: 7 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 2.9 lb.
  • Made in China
  • Product Highlights:

    High Quality Beautiful Sound - Woodstock Chimes' professional musicians developed these wonderful, deep toned musically tuned to a lovely pentatonic scale

    An Everlasting Gift for Memorials - The wooden chime top has a cast metal urn for ashes, a lock of hair or other keepsakes to offer solace. Woodstock Memorial Chimes - wind chimes for loss of loved one - remember the dearly departed

    Well Made - This handcrafted, wind-activated chime resists most weather conditions. Made of teak finish ash wood, 5 bronze aluminum tubes, brass-plated urn and has a removable windcatcher for easy customization - Measures 20'' long

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    Customer Reviews

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    Kelly Brand
    Love it!

    Very melodic and pleasing chime!

    Gift notes

    I’m very pleased with the chimes and have given them at least 3 times to friends as gifts. However, when my friends received them not a one of them knew who they were from even though I had filled the gift card. They aren’t find the gift cards. It is awkward to have to finally ask them if they received them......