Water Bell Fountain - Copper


Features a beautiful, flame-finished copper bowl & soothing chiming bells.

The rhythmic and random sounds of the Woodstock Water Bell Fountain are reminiscent of the natural sounds of a gently flowing stream. Adapted from an original and copyrighted design by artist and musician Ron Snider, it is handcrafted using solid brass bells for excellent sound. Water bubbling up from the center of the fountain in this attractive flamed-finish copper bowl causes two floating bells to gently swirl around six fixed bells, ringing softly when they meet. An adjustable pump lets you control the water flow and frequency of ringing. This musical fountain helps create a beautiful oasis in your home. It flourishes as a centerpiece or accent and will fill your surroundings with joy and tranquility.

Setup and Troubleshooting Guide.


Customer Reviews

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Juan Ruiz
Water fountain

Thank you for addressing my concern about the water fountain and how quickly you addressed my concern. I am very pleased with the fountain. Thank you, thank you. Your customer service staff are the best.

Finish coming off copper bowl immediately

Has anyone had this problem? Immediately after set up with distilled water the “copper” finish inside the Cooper bowl starting coming off. Emailed customer service with no response yet. WTH…very disappointed 5 minutes into set up…
Pics added from day 2; most of the bottom has flaked away; if I were to have run the pump all of this particulate would’ve run into the pump…WTabsoluteH?

Pat Cail
So relaxing!

I love my water bell fountain! It brings me feeling of peace to hear it during the day. It’s a beautiful addition to our home. Thank you!!!

The fountain is beautiful but hardly hear chimes

The fountain is lovely . I enjoy watching it but I hardly hear the bells . I have to stand right next to it to hear the chiming . I have heard some say they can hear it through house but I cannot . I can’t hear it a few feet away . Other than that it is a beautiful fountain but debating sending it back because I can’t hear the chimes .

Beautiful but frustrating

I love this fountain with bells. The sound is so relaxing and soothing and can be heard throughout our house. However, it seems every couple of days I have to fool around with the pump or clean it to get it working enough so that the bells float around the bowl. I've been using distilled water so I'm not sure why it would have worked for the first few weeks and now I'm having so many problems. I would rather it not turn into a source of frustration!