Water Bell Fountain - Copper


Features a beautiful, flame-finished copper bowl & soothing chiming bells.

The rhythmic and random sounds of the Woodstock Water Bell Fountain are reminiscent of the natural sounds of a gently flowing stream. Adapted from an original and copyrighted design by artist and musician Ron Snider, it is handcrafted using solid brass bells for excellent sound. Water bubbling up from the center of the fountain in this attractive flamed-finish copper bowl causes two floating bells to gently swirl around six fixed bells, ringing softly when they meet. An adjustable pump lets you control the water flow and frequency of ringing. This musical fountain helps create a beautiful oasis in your home. It flourishes as a centerpiece or accent and will fill your surroundings with joy and tranquility.

Setup and Troubleshooting Guide.


Customer Reviews

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Kyra Kizirian
Water bowl Bell chime

I purchased mine about 25 years ago. I am sad to read that the copper isn’t really copper bowl anymore. I actually still have the copper bowl

The problem I had is that the bills would flip over occasionally

But I always love this water bowl, bell chime, and I would get so many compliments. I was thinking of getting another one, but I don’t want fake copper.

CT Hall
Functional, but copper bowl ain't copper.

Functional and calming, but it isn't a copper bowl, it's spay paint of something like that. The first one they send had the paint peeling off within 1 mintues of running it. -- To be fair, the company sent me a new one immediately - great customer service, but their product needs improvement

Regina Spino

The fountain is attractive. The pump is really weak, I hear the pump more than the water. The chimes almost never chime. I am sorry I asked my husband for this item for Christmas. Definitely not worth the price. If the box wouldn’t have ripped up I would have returned the item.

Laura Adams
I love this fountain

I’ve had this fountain for 17 years. It’s been running 24/7 for 12 of those years, with a five year break in the middle when we lived in a place with limited counter space. I’ve never had a single problem with it. I polish the bells with canned tomato sauce when I clean it. Pretty easy. Fantastic fountain. I love the chimes. And I’ve only ever run purified water through it

False advertising--NOT solid copper

I should've heeded the warning in a recent review stating the copper FINISH wears off. I've had mine just under a week, and the copper-colored finish is already peeling off. The worksmanship is very poor--see the streaks and scratches along the rim. I followed the setup directions precisely and have only used bottled distilled water.

This bowl is NOT hammered from a single sheet of copper as stated in the description. You can see the silver metal underneath the finish that's already wearing off. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and would never recommend this or any Woodstock item due to their deceptive practices.

Shame on you, Woodstock, for charging an exorbitant amount for a fake copper product! I am considering returning for a refund. This thing is NOT worth what they are charging.