Repair Kit for Signature Chimes that have a 8.25-inch top


Has your chime temporarily lost its music? You may need to replace the Center Unit. This is a replacement Woodstock classic design ash wood clapper, windcatcher and 130lb gauge tan string (enough for the entire chime). This kit works for chimes with a top wood piece measuring 8.25 inches in diameter. Intended for our Signature Collection chimes.

This repair kit DOES NOT include the wood chime top. If you also need a chime top replacement, please order the 8.25-inch Wood Chime Top for Signature Chimes.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's where you can find chime stringing instructions, along with a how-to video.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Gardella
Fixed my 30 year old chimes

Parts look like new

Replacement string too small!

The replacement string that was sent could never have supported the weight of the chimes!

C. Phil Burt
Restring Chimes

With the kit and instructions it was at first a tad confusing but as soon as i got started it just all fell into place. I had 2 sets of chimes to do and the 2nd one you would think I was a pro. Good job on the kit and instructions!!!

Bonnie Shepherd
Like new wind chimes.

Remarkably easy to follow video and written instructions. After cleaning and re-stringing, I have brand new wind chimes.

Happy Home
Good - could be better

A bit challenging to find the parts, another challenge to find the template, and another challenge to find the video of the lady expert showing the assembly method and sequence. Having found all those separately - the end product was success.