Repair Kit for Signature Chimes that have a 3.75-inch top


Has your chime temporarily lost its music? You may need to replace the Center Unit. This is a replacement Woodstock classic design ash wood clapper, windcatcher and 80lb gauge tan string (enough for the entire chime). This kit works for chimes with a top wood piece measuring 3.75 inches in diameter. Intended for our Signature Collection chimes.

This repair kit DOES NOT include the wood chime top. If you also need a chime top replacement, please order the 3.75-inch Wood Chime Top for Signature Chimes.

Download the chime top template here. Be sure to print the template full size (do not resize for your printer/paper).

Here's where you can find chime stringing instructions, along with a how-to video.

Please note: a staple gun is required to perform this repair.


Customer Reviews

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Small chime repair

Kit is made of excellent materials. The old chime was a keepsake and this new kit has updated it beautifully.

Noelle Goslee Smith
Thoughts on past and current service...

The repair kit worked well enough but I am dismayed that you no longer offer in-house service. I bought my first Chime of Olympos after having visited Cloyd Duff in 1982. Cloyd was your founder, Garry Kvistad's percussion teacher and a
close friend of my family. Since then I have had you renew that chime twice and it is still sounding beautifully. That chime holds a special place in my life.

These days, you seem to be much more mercenary in your business profile. Now that my Amazing Grace is once-again chiming, and I have no further reason to contact you, I shall opt out of your e-mails urging me to buy, buy, buy and be done with it.

Kate Stone
Needed more holes

He might’ve ordered the wrong set.

Wrong kit. I need kit for 5.25" top.

Why aren't kits available for 5.25" top?

Windcatcher too heavy for my smaller windchime

This is a 3.75inch windchime I repaired. I’m not getting near the sound I was before. The previous “windcatcher" was made from a lighter weight substance. It looks good and everything fit perfectly. I had no issues installing, but I’m bummed it cut my chiming sounds down to near nothing. I have used kits for my larger windchimes and they chime as they should. I would have given 5 stars if the windcatcher were lighter and moved with the wind as my previous one did.