Water Bell Fountain Pump (copper bowl)


Pump not pumping any more? This ia replacement pump for your Woodstock Water Bell Fountain. This is the fountain with the copper bowl.

(NOTE: This is also the replacement pump you need if you have a Water Bell Fountain that has a black ceramic bowl.)

Here's where you can find set up instructions and a troubleshooting guide, along with a how-to video.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Christina Carroll

The sound of the chimes and the little trickling of the water. Make this the Go to for relaxation. This is actually my fourth purchase. As everyone loves it and wants one so they get it for Christmas.

Marge Haskins
My review

I really like the bells and how they preform although the largest bell just kind of “thuds “. I’m disappointed in the bowl itself. If just got dullll and doesn’t appear to be copper. No aged copper patina.

Brenda & Carl Peeden
Exceptional products & customer service

I have loved my Water Bell Fountain with Copper Bowl for many many years; it's still working after many new pumps. I use it every day & when pump wears out I am in a "blue funk" until I have it working again. Their customer service is exceptional & I cannot thank them enough for all their phenomenal assistance.
Brenda Peeden

Kathryn Vaughn-Kelso
I'm disapointed with it

I love your wind chimes! They increase my joy and happiness during windy stormy days 1000%. I have three of them from small to large around my property. It's like the air is singing to me. I bought your fountain thinking I could have wind chime like noises all the time, not just when it's windy, and to muffle the often not so nice noises of my city but I have been disappointed with it. First of all, not all the bells get struck by the floating ones bells. I've tried different surfaces to make sure it's level and still only 2, 3 max get bumped. Secondly, the water sound is not very load but the pump noise is very loud so instead of bubbling water, I mostly hear buzzing pump. It's okay but certainly not like in the sweet video online. Then the pump died and I let it go dormant. Eventually I ordered this replacement pump for $40 which feels like a lot of money, hoping it would be better but it's same story. It's okay but I did consider asking for a refund or reselling it because it was quite expensive.

Brenda Duckworth
Great product. Great service.

My new pump is working beautifully and I was very happy a replacement was available. I absolutely love my water bell fountain!