Healing Chime - Silver


Precise tuning creates the illusion that there are more tones than tubes!

Listen to the soothing sound illusion of this Healing Chime as the precisely tuned tubes work together to create rich harmony and wonderful magic. This illusion seems to create more tones than the number of its tubes (such as low bass notes created in your ear)! We use a beautiful ancient tuning not heard on any modern instrument and the result is as amazing as it is unique. This is called the natural harmonic overtone series. It will delight your ears and comfort your mind.

This wind chime has an unusual shape, an interesting wave" clapper and is the perfect gift for someone who likes something that's "a little different"!

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Product Properties
  • Black and cherry finish ash wood
  • Nine silver aluminum tubes
  • Silk-screened windcatcher
  • Overall Length: 34 inches - Width: 15 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 2.2 lb.
  • Made in China
  • SKU: HC

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    B Hutcheson
    Disappointed but it looks nice as a hanging decoration.

    I bought two; one as a gift and one for myself. I am so embarrassed to have given it as a gift because it doesn't chime. When it catches a breeze, it simply twists but doesn't chime. We even left it outside when we had hurricane tailwinds. Nothing. My husband is experimenting by adding redesign pieces to it - his new hobby😂
    This is a review of the Healing Chimes

    Patty P.
    beautiful sound - holds up

    I received these chimes about 4 years ago for Mother's Day from my children. This spring I needed to re-string the main weight and I was able to do so myself. I placed the chimes back out by m patio and am able to listen to them all day from my office. The sweet lilting notes really help create a warm atmosphere for me!

    Mike D.
    Beautiful Look, Quiet Sounds

    The chime is beautiful, it just isn't very loud in comparison to the other chimes that I have. The linear layout of the chime leads to the striker actually swinging between the chimes without striking them often. That being said, i am in the city so it's a lot louder than the country. If you live in a quiet space, this would probably be perfect for you!

    Gordon S.
    Incredible sounds & Great quality

    I purchased these chimes from a third party vendor a few weeks ago and they were $12 more expensive there. These chimes are hung on the back porch at our country home and I absolutely love the sounds. The tubes are perfectly tuned! My wife heard them and fell in love with the sounds. Now she wants one too so I'm buying a second set of wind chimes for her. Great design and product!

    Healing Chime

    This chime is beautiful! Its design is amazing and the sound is beautiful and sweet.