Healing Chime - Bronze


Precise tuning creates the illusion that there are more tones than tubes!

Listen to the soothing sound illusion of this Healing Chime as the precisely tuned tubes work together to create rich harmony and wonderful magic. This illusion seems to create more tones than the number of its tubes (such as low bass notes created in your ear)! We use a beautiful ancient tuning not heard on any modern instrument and the result is as amazing as it is unique. This is called the natural harmonic overtone series. It will delight your ears and comfort your mind.

This wind chime has an unusual shape, an interesting wave" clapper and is the perfect gift for someone who likes something that's "a little different"!

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Product Properties
  • Black and teak finish ash wood
  • Nine bronze tubes
  • Silk-screened windcatcher
  • Overall Length: 34 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 2.2 lb.
  • Made in China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Susan Self

    I love the sounds that it makes when the wind is blowing. Very nice.

    Lorelei S.
    What I've alway wanted

    Such beautiful healing tones in these chimes. They're Asian looking, which I love. Such a great experience and item that I want more for other places around my home.

    These are my favorite sounds

    These are my favorite sounds for chimes. Very gentle and lovely sounds. I often give them as gifts for special occasions.