Encore® Water Bell Fountain


This fountain combines the sound of water with randomly chiming bells for a relaxing addition to your home.

The rhythmic and random sounds of the Encore Water Bell Fountain are reminiscent of the natural sounds of a gently flowing stream. Adapted from an original and copyrighted design by artist and musician Ron Snider, they are handcrafted using solid brass bells for excellent sound. Water bubbling up from the center of the fountain causes two floating bells to gently swirl around six fixed bells, ringing softly when they meet. An adjustable pump lets you control the water flow and frequency of ringing. This musical fountain adds beauty and charm to your home. It flourishes as a centerpiece or accent and will fill your surroundings with joy.

Download Encore Water Bell Fountain setup instructions.

Product Properties
  • Eight polished brass bells
  • Black plastic bowl
  • Continuous-duty pump
  • Height: 5 inches - Diameter: 14 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 4.7 lb.
  • Made in China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Reached out for help and got 0

    Not happy with the product. When setting it up the bells keep lifting so they are not level. I called the company and left a detailed message. Never hear back from anyone. Back into the box the bells go for a different day 😠

    Wendy Bennett
    Perfect addition

    I added this water chime to my covered patio retreat after enjoying listening to one at a spa. It is perfectly subtle. It was very easy to setup.

    Victoria R Carroll
    Wonderful Zen effect

    This water bell fountain is even more delightful than I expected - and larger! I considered purchasing an extra floating bell, but it is not necessary. Unlike a dramatic gong, this is soothing and welcoming. The deeper bowl is great in that the water lasts longer than any of my other desktop fountains. Highly recommended.

    Something different. Love it.

    Something different. Love it.

    lovely ambient sound

    lovely ambient sound