Emperor Gong - Large, Black


With its dramatic black design that is reminiscent of calligraphy, this gong captures the romance & splendor of the Far East. Inspired by traditional Asian design, our Emperor Series offers wonderful sound and is intended to reflect balance, harmony, grace and beauty.

Download Emperor Gong setup instructions.

Product Properties
  • Black finish ash wood
  • hand-hammered bronzed brass gong
  • Overall Length: 50 inches - Diameter: 13 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 3.8 lb.

    Customer Reviews

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    Norcal Joe
    Best investment for my backyard meditation

    I also wanted to add,
    The rubber bumper that goes around the clapper does quiet the sound. I took the rubber bumper off for a period of time to make the clapper hit the Gong harder which made it louder.
    With the rubber bumper the sound is softer. I prefer softer. So it is a matter of personal preference

    Norcal Joe
    Best investment for my backyard meditation

    I purchased this Emperor Gong several years ago. Every evening I sit and read in the covered patios in my back yard.
    The Emperor Gong has a truly restful and magnificent sound . I have a very stressful and demanding job. I need to destress nearly every night. I could not do this without my Emperor Gong. While I do agree the sound is not loud, and the wind needs to be brisk for the Gong to work naturally, I use use the flapper myself to make a loud sound or let the evening breeze make softer sounds. The other reviews IMHO. Don't understand the use of the Emperor Gong. IMHO, the Gong is for meditation and not to scare away critters, which the bells and louder chimes seem to do. I am truly fortunate to have found such a beautiful and wonderful Gong to help me at the end of my day.


    I purchased this gong from a monestary. I love the look of it. The simple lines are beautiful, but the design does not allow for a lot of sound. I have moved it to other areas, but it is my belief that the design needs to be revisited, it simple does not work. Sorry.

    Hello Cynthia,
    We're sorry to hear that your Emperor Gong is not working as expected. We make every effort to represent our products as accurately as possible on our website. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at customercare@chimes.com.
    I hope this was helpful.


    This gong is very quiet. Even with large, gusty winds, the sound emitted by the gong is very weak.

    Hello Gabriel,
    We're sorry to hear you're dissatisfied with the volume of your Emperor Gong. Moving the gong to a different location can sometime increase the sound and activity of a chime or gong; see some of our suggestions here - https://www.chimes.com/globalassets/pdfs/Hanging-Your-Chime.pdf. We always try to represent our products as accurately as possible online, but if you feel that the product was misrepresented or misleading please contact us at customercare@chimes.com.