Amethyst Chime - Mini

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This delightful small chime has colorful accents, making it a treat for your eyes and ears! Amethyst is a purple quartz often used in jewelry. In ancient Greece, goblets were made of amethyst in the belief that it could prevent drunkenness. Amethyst has also been thought to heal people, so medieval European soldiers often wore amethyst amulets as protection. In the metaphysical realm, amethyst is considered a calming stone, used to promote peacefulness, happiness and contentment. May the sweet music of this beautiful chime turn your home or garden into a peaceful oasis.

Product Properties
  • Teak finish ash wood
  • Five silver aluminum tubes
  • Faux amethyst accents
  • Overall Length: 13 inches - Width: 2.5 inches
  • Individual Item Weight: 0.15 lb.
  • Made in China

    Customer Reviews

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    Suzanne Shanks
    So pleased!!

    These chimes are beautiful and lovely to hear on a breezy day. They aren’t overwhelmingly loud on the porch, but the sound carries faintly and pleasantly through the closed window it’s directly beside. The sound does not go through closed windows that are not right beside the chimes, so it doesn’t bother neighbors or members of the household who would prefer complete silence. I have literally held off on buying wind chimes for 35 years because I never found anything perfect enough, and now I have. Thanks!